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We Shijiazhuang Gonglue Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd located at Shijiazhuang City, established since 2013. We are professionally suppling violin, viola, cello, electric violin, electric cello, and relevant accessories and parts for the musical instruments, and product ranges are ranking for different levels. As a fast- development and effective musical-instrument supplier, top-grade device, innovation, excellent production technique, and sustainable quality control system help us have a fast development, and export to the worldwide.During production and before delivery, we have professional QC team to inspect. We welcome customers' third QC party to inspect too!we are leading the hard-working and wisdom to present more and more achievements for the world. From selecting spruce, maple, ebony and other wood, matching with the original strings and bridges, strictly following the traditional painting requirement, integrating the rigorous and dedicated European skills, to create the amazing violin timbre. Therefore,each violin is endowed with vitality! The musical instruments used feels comfortable, beautiful timbre,flexible and durable. Inherited from the wonderful violin tech of Italy, combined the self-innovation on the field of Sound Test And Analysis System, we create Beautiful Shape, High Technique, Excellent Tone, the quality and the service is our foundation, so products can be very popular in Domestic and Overseas also.
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